Who says work can’t be fun?

January 29th brought the 1st Annual AFB Olympics to downtown Renton and the results were priceless! The events were complete with over-the-top team outfits, dance routines, tons of smack talk, lots of laughs, and VERY competitive individuals.

Here’s a list of the games…complete with hilarious photos.

Human Hungry-Hungry Hippos

Hippo8 Hippo4Timed Solo Cup Stacking

Green11Step Race
Hula Hoop Chain
3-Legged Race
Race2 Office Chair Obstacle Course

Chair6***Disclaimer: These events were far harder than they sound.

The Black Team, spearhead by Joe McBride, won best costume ~ They were Rockin’ it!


Yellow Team, Captained by Denny Thostrud, won the competition. I can’t lie….they were good. Really Good.


The Green Team, with Cheer Captain Wendy LeMaster, took home the Team Spirit Award!


The Red Team represented with and an impressive Whip and Nae Nae debut. Coach Shannon O’Day brought the fun!


The Blue Team represented with a nod to their real life Captain Don Richmond. Their blue yacht emblazoned shirts, and Gilligan’s Island theme Song, set the stage for a good time.

Chair10What sort of shenanigans can we get into next year?


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