Seatown Scrounge

A huge shout out to IREM 27 and to all the committee members who created Seatown Scrounge, a Scavenger Hunt that had everyone cracking up and begging for a repeat. An even louder shout out to all of our Waldos…thank you for joining team AFB ~ you are all rock stars!

Our troop of Waldos and Wendas may not have taken home a trophy (I know….we were robbed!) but no one can deny that we were the most enthusiastic. Our team was complete with Barbie Wenda, Ken Waldo, Farmer Waldo, Mama Wenda, and Urban Waldo to name a few. Thank you all again for spending your afternoon with us…..hopefully you had as much fun as we did.

Can you spot Waldo?


How about now….10 Waldos running wildly around Pioneer Square is not something you easily miss.



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